Don’t Push Product, Push Personality: How To Level Up By Being Authentic (With Jason Glass) – Episode 117

Posted May 24, 2022

After 22 years in the industry, Mortgage Broker/Owner Jason Glass has finally decided to stop overthinking and take action. Instead of waiting for the perfect situation or over-analyzing every little detail, Jason has decided to take the time to invest in himself and his business with a growth-first mindset, all by being his true authentic self.

Not too long ago, Jason would dress up in a suit and tie and try to be a salesman, but that just doesn’t cut it, and it just wasn’t Jason being Jason. “You have to be yourself,” he shares. You can’t just bank on speed and rate anymore. You have to set yourself apart. Jason believes that our true authentic personalities are the only unique commodity we all have and we have to utilize ourselves for everything we’re worth. There is only one YOU so be yourself. 

Growth is top of mind these days for Jason. Having hired a new LO with a grow-first mentality, Jason has shifted focus from outward selling to inward growing. Jason has stopped wasting time on overthinking and instead, is just doing. His most monumental change has been switching from Calyx to Arive. Jason has been running his pipeline the same way for two decades and understands that change is hard and nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect, but Jason compares the switch over to Arive as switching from a rotary phone to an iPhone 13. You might not have missed a single call on that rotary phone, but the doors that new technology can open for your brokerage are indispensable.

As a part of his parting advice, Jason shares that he doesn’t believe that mortgage brokers are going to be completely replaced by technology, but they should use technology to speed up and better their processes and procedures. He also makes sure to note that referral relationships are just that, relationships. You can’t treat them as dispensable numbers or transactions. Real Estate Agents and client referrals are all people with wants and needs and families. Get to know them. Create an actual relationship with them and success is sure to follow, for everyone. 


  • (2:49) Intro To The Wholesale Channel
  • (15:30) Importance of Authenticity 
  • (31:17) “Just Do It” Mindset
  • (35:45) Parting Advice

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