Customer Service vs Consumer Experience: How To Anticipate, Manage, & Exceed Borrower Expectations (With Arman Ghamami) – Episode 92

Posted November 16, 2021

Arman Ghamami, a mortgage broker and branch manager with C2 Financial, has become a high-producer by putting the borrower front-and-center. He personalizes their entire process, has staff dedicated exclusively to borrower questions, and automated procedures in place to streamline the client experience.

For Arman, there is a distinction between customer service and consumer experience. Customer service is answering your client’s call or replying to their email. It is the basic things you need to do to operate. Consumer experience is where Arman makes himself and his branch stand out. Throughout the loan process, Arman has an LO available to his clients to answer all questions they might have. Having an experienced loan officer available to answer borrowers’ questions might seem simple, but it also goes a long way. He also established an automated outreach plan to consistently keep his borrowers up to date on what step of the process their loan is in. If a borrower is calling to ask for updates on their loan, then you’ve failed, Arman said. 

A significant part of providing your borrower with a memorable experience is understanding their needs. Often, mortgage documents are challenging to understand, so Arman and his team take the time to explain everything to their borrowers in a way they would understand. His guiding principle is, “how would I want this process to go if I knew nothing about loans?” Along with acting as a true advisor for their clients, Arman and his team take the time to understand their borrower’s specific needs and tailor their process to serve those needs best. If you can identify and meet their needs throughout the process, you will leave them with a memorable mortgage experience. 

Arman’s parting advice: It’s okay not to know everything. If you focus on your borrower and find out their needs, then you will find success. We are all trying to make a living, but don’t chase the money. If you put the borrower first, success will follow. 


Getting into the Mortgage Industry (1:15)
Growing Your Team for 2022 (6:00)
Going Out On His Own (11:04)
Customer Service V Consumer Experience (18:20)
Parting Advice (31:21)

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