Creative Homebuyer Education: Adapting to the Changing Mortgage Market (With Jessica Wells) – Episode 179

Posted October 31, 2023

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In this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by Fuse VI panelist Jessica Wells, Broker Owner of Clear Choice Mortgage.

Jessica proves her expertise, and why she was a Fuse panelist this year, as this episode is full of nuggets of wisdom that immediately could be applied to a Broker’s marketing, outreach, and pipeline to improve overall operations.  

Jessica has a background of experience; she started in the industry at a very young age, thrown into the deep end of processing, tasked to figure out the process on her own. Quickly, she became skilled enough to be headhunted into a brokerage, eventually becoming a Broker Owner herself.

Now, she utilizes her experience & knowledge to stay ahead of industry trends, as she’s now finding interesting ways to engage and educate her clients, utilizing AI, and using tools to make note-taking, operations, and outreach that much easier. Most notably, she noticed how people always turn up for a bingo game, so she saw that as an opportunity to entice her borrowers to receive a comprehensive homebuying education:

“People love bingo! You mention it, and the people show up. So, I have this class; we found a bingo card generator and used the words & terms from my class’s slideshow as the bingo squares. So, a word like ‘entitlement’ is one of them. I have all the terms on the bingo board, and they’ll mark it up throughout my class. We’ll usually hold it at some local brewery, and then the first three winners get a six-pack or whatever it is that brewery offers. But even after we go through our first three winners, there are people that are like, ‘So if you have a house already, what’s it called when you buy a second house?’ because one of the words on there is ‘bonus entitlement.’ And so they’re asking and they’ll pick questions to just make us explain these terms. So it makes it very interactive because people are playing a game, but even when everybody else has already won, they’re like,’No, no, I got to get a bingo before we’re done with this; I need to know the answers to all these questions!’ So if I missed something in the class, and I don’t say one of the words I’m supposed to say, they’ll sit there and ask me the questions until I say every word on the board.”

Key Points:

1:18 – Starting in the Industry ‘In the Deep end’ at 19

6:13 – Bingo for Homebuyer Education

10:14 – Processor Tips from Ex-Processors

20:24 – Speaking & Attending Fuse VI

26:54 – Why Wholesale Professionals Can’t Miss Fuse

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