Building your Team and Growing your Connections (with Major Singleton) – Episode 132

Posted September 6, 2022

This week, host JP Hussey sits down with Major Singleton, a mortgage broker at Major Money Matters. The pair discuss the importance of a strong support team, how to foster connections, and how to make sure your clients keep coming back.

A 23-year veteran of the U.S Navy, Major Singleton got his start in mortgage by chance. Unbeknownst to Major, a junior sailor under his command had booked a mortgage professional for an information session. Major attended to ensure that nothing went amiss, but was fascinated by what he learned. He felt that the mortgage industry could be in his future, and when it came time to retire from service, he made the leap. 

Originally beginning on the retail lending side, Major eventually decided to become a broker. “I always wanted to be one,” he says, feeling that brokers had more freedom and more capability to earn for themselves. When he left the retail channel, he brought elements of his team with him, which he partially credits for his success. Currently, his team consists of a processor, LOA, a business development representative, and a client resources manager. With his team managing much of the behind-the-scenes efforts, Major is free to focus his time on what he excels at. “I have everybody on my team take a DISC Assessment”, says Major. “That way, everybody is operating within their gifts.”

Major’s gift is for customer interaction and retention, which has helped him see staggering levels of repeat business and recommendations. He prides himself on reaching out to past clients, on attending closings (especially the difficult ones), and on sending thoughtful closing gifts. These touches, according to Major, are the difference between seeing a client again and having them take their valuable business elsewhere. 

Although he has only been a part of the industry for a few years, Major has made a name for himself. When asked what he would say to a brand-new broker, he says, “let your friends and family know what you do. Don’t feel like you need to be established already – have your connections become your jumping off point.”  


2:30 – Background

6:00 – Team composition 

10:00 – Process

20:00 – Reinforcing brand identity

25:00 – Closing gifts and check-ins

32:00 – The value of listening

40:00 – Final advice 

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