Building Big Picture Relationships (with Ashley Bedford) – Episode 130

Posted August 23, 2022

This week, host Marc Summers is joined by Florida’s own Ashley Bedford, who discusses her early experiences with brokers, her work ethic, and the value of building relationships. 

Ashley first encountered the broker channel as a customer. A new parent, Ashley was looking to purchase her first home. Initial quotes from a big bank set her down payment as an unaffordable $30,000, leading her to start looking elsewhere. She was referred to a broker, who informed her that she only needed less than half of what she was initially quoted. The revelation led Ashley to vow that no one else would have to go through the same experience. With the dream of her new goal in hand, Ashley asked the broker to take her on as a processor. The broker accepted, with one condition: that Ashley begin as a broker instead. “I just dove in,” she says. “I lived with my mother-in-law for 18 months until I built my business.” 

Despite a background in banking, Ashley realized she had a lot to learn. “I was a little nervous at first for the test,” she says. “But I just got through it.” According to Ashley, the freedom is the best part of being involved in the broker channel. “I like to tell people that in retail, you have Fannie and Freddie, and those are the parents who set the rules. But then Fannie and Freddie have their own parents who set even more rules on top. In the broker channel, we’re our own parents.” 

Ashley’s home shop is small, consisting of about five people. She attributes her success there to dogged determination and the knowledge that she would have to do something different to make it. “When I started I decided to do every manual underwrite I could find… I would relentlessly call title companies and ask if they had any deals the lender couldn’t close. I called every week.” She built a reputation, and soon became recognized statewide by lenders and realtors alike. 

Ashley’s business is built on being precise, punctual, and prudent, while simultaneously serving as a one-stop resource for her clients. “I always make sure their main point of contact is me,” she says. Making your clients feel comfortable and like they have someone in their corner is key. Her main piece of advice to new brokers? “Don’t ever focus on the paycheck – focus on your relationships. Everything else will fall into place.” 


Background – 1:00 

Early approach – 7:00

Realtor relationships – 13:05

Process – 20:00 

Final advice – 28:00

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