AIME’s Best Moments of 2020

Posted December 28, 2020
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In 2020, we launched a number of new programs aimed at truly transforming the mortgage industry and keeping our membership advised of any late-breaking developments impacting the broker channel.

Initiatives aimed at promoting the growth of the broker channel, government affairs, better business practices and virtual engagement show how AIME is tirelessly working to improve broker market share as we head into 2021. Discussed below are just a few of AIME’s best moments of 2020.

Best of Industry Innovation: Ignite Career Training Program

In late September, AIME announced its Ignite mortgage career training program which will provide training for aspiring mortgage professionals in underrepresented communities. Applications for the program opened in early December and has already begun fueling new business and employment opportunities within the mortgage industry to work toward expanding perspectives and building a successful career.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

  • Ignite’s mortgage career training program will provide qualified applicants with the knowledge and skills to successfully break into the wholesale mortgage channel. Selected candidates will be matched with an industry-leading mentor based on the chosen position they intend to pursue, as well as access to the AIME member job board to connect with hiring managers across the country once training is completed. Altogether, the goal is to continue bringing more qualified and diverse job applicants into the independent mortgage broker community and provide them with the resources needed to succeed.

Creating a Highly Skilled Broker Channel

  • The Ignite career training program is designed to provide opportunities for highly skilled entry level professionals interested in joining the wholesale mortgage industry. This program will offer support and equip prospective candidates from underrepresented communities with the tools and education necessary to develop a sustainable professional career path in the broker community.

Best of Government Affairs: Legislative Updates

As Covid-19 threw a wrench into any plans of a normal 2020, it was clear that AIME would need to up its game in regards to its monitoring of the happenings occurring on Capitol Hill. That’s why AIME launched its Legislative Updates page in order to help members understand what legislation is being passed or currently in progress and how it impacts the mortgage industry.

COVID-19 Relief Negotiations

  • Many of you have undoubtedly heard about the constant negotiations occurring between various political leaders regarding COVID-19 relief programs over the course of 2020. AIME had you covered throughout the process and is continuing to monitor the state of play as President Trump signs the second stimulus package and the nation awaits the inauguration of President-elect Biden.

Monitoring the Federal Housing Finance Agency

  • Throughout 2020 the action of the FHFA had a tremendous impact on the overall mortgage industry and how it reacted to the market environment. Whether it was related to the push for speeding up the mortgage firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s unlikely exit from government control and oversight, complex restructuring of Fannie and Freddie, forbearance extension discussions, or a multitude of other topics, AIME had you covered. It is expected that FHFA policy could shift drastically as the Biden Administration steps into power and AIME will be there to monitor any new developments.

Best of Encouraging Better Business Practices: AIME Blog

It’s safe to say that what it looks like to work in 2020 has been forever changed by the effects of the pandemic on the American workplace. More Americans are working from home than ever before and this means we have to rethink how productivity is measured on a daily basis. This proved to be a unique challenge for independent mortgage professionals who prioritize interpersonal relationships. In reaction to this new challenge, AIME decided to launch its own blog page aimed at giving brokers the insight they need in order to ensure they maintained an efficient workspace in 2020.

Building a Business Blueprint

  • Business plans have long been a critical guide toward creating a successful company. Think of it as a blueprint for how you’re going to start, run, and continue growing your business as a whole. This is where you’re going to figure out what it takes to organize a successful enterprise with everything from an analysis of your competition to how you’re going to fund and sustain your growth. AIME knew it needed to help independent entrepreneurs in the broker channel get off on the right foot and that’s why it provided members with a business plan template and description of each step needed in order to successfully launch your business in its blog entitled “How To Prepare A Business Plan”.

Leveraging Your Social Media Presence

  • Stay at home orders throughout the country meant it was even more important to make sure that your business was both active and effective in distinguishing itself on social media. AIME published its “How to Get Started With Social Media” blog in order to assist members with the significant planning that goes into creating a social strategy that will set you up for success. By describing how to identify your audience, establish your goals and create value, this blog will show you why it is important that you strategize long-term and have goals in place so you can be intentional when communicating with your audience.

Best of Virtual Engagement: AIME Fuse 2020

Each year AIME is pleased to host our Fuse National Conference with 3000 plus attendees consisting of brokers, lenders, and vendors from across the country. This year such a large gathering was obviously not possible and AIME had to work overtime in order to pull off an experience that would match the in-person Las Vegas feel. Thankfully through the hard work of so many within our community Fuse 2020 was bigger than ever before and included all the great networking opportunities, vendor and lender connections, and industry-leading speakers that have come to define AIME’s national conference.

Game Changing Mobile App Announcement

  • AIME was honored to have many of its industry partners participate in Fuse 2020 including United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) where CEO Mat Ishbia unveiled a new mobile app that will bring “game-changing flexibility” to the broker channel. The UWM InTouch mobile app will allow brokers to handle virtually every aspect of the lending process. It will also enable brokers to instantly lock or extend loans; submit, review, and track changes of circumstances; upload and review cleared conditions/invoices, and create and manage client requests.

Establishing a Premium Interactive Experience

  • With over 2,500 attendees AIME was able to host perhaps one of the strongest interactive virtual conferences in the mortgage industry. Through collaboration with members of the broker channel throughout the country from California, Arizona, Michigan and everything in between, AIME was able to host various virtual happy hour events that highlighted the best of our vendor and lender partners. Many questioned whether AIME could actually meet expectations but instead saw the establishment of an industry-standard that will be tough to beat moving forward.

AIME looks forward to building on some of its best moments from 2020 and hopes to continue the positive momentum in 2021! Please consider joining AIME in its movement to reshape the mortgage industry by signing up for a membership today!

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